Dear Account Managers,

Please feel free to share with your customers and partners the PDF presentations of the Event hosted by Phil Davis for an IoT immersive experience.

During the day, our 130 customers and partners had the opportunity to discover more than 15 IoT demos & use-cases, attend 10 different breakout sessions and 8 customers/partners’ keynotes around IoT topics.

The decks are now available for download.

Important note 
Unlike expectations, the Airbus slides can’t be released, same with the “The Next Level of Innovation - HPE Edgeline Roadmap” session which was under NDA.

Did you miss anything else? Look at our photos and video to get a feeling on what’s happened.

If you are interested in our Customer Innovation Center, do not hesitate to contact innovationcenters@hpe.com - We’ll get in touch with you to discuss future engagements.

Kind regards


Event essentials
Start date - End date18. January 2019
LocationCustomer Innovation Centre in GenevaRoute du Nant-d'Avril 150, 1217 Meyrin
Last registration date17. January 2019 23:00 (GMT0)
Free seats0

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