Memory-Centric Architectures for Exascale Systems: Scientific and Industrial Requirements


Venue : Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, Poljanska 2, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Date:   14h30 – 16h30, 30 May 2018



Efforts to develop the next generation of exascale infrastructure are progressing at great pace, with the US and China leading the charge, and prototypes due on the market in 2019. Some of the work for these exascale systems displays a revolutionary shift; from a processor-centric to a memory-centric based architecture. This change in architecture, which will be open standards based and developed through the work of the Gen Z Consortium, also has huge potential for improved performance, through more efficient applications, in future production HPC systems.

The development of efficient applications and advanced systems software, however, is not keeping pace with the development of exascale hardware and infrastructure. This workshop will initiate discussions on the changes in applications required to ensure researchers and industry can get the greatest benefit out of memory-centric architecture at exascale.


Presentation: The Shift to Memory-Centric Architectures

Presentation on the new directions being pursued and an overview of the ongoing investments in the development of exascale supercomputers and pre-exascale prototypes. These investments provide a response to the inefficiency of modern scientific computers and represent a move towards efficiency based around open standards. The efforts have been targeted toward generating an open standard based memory-centric computing architecture.


Panel Discussion: Applications and Software Requirements for Exascale Systems

A panel discussion on the needs of science and industry from exascale systems. The panel will initiate a dialogue on how applications will need to be developed in order to get the greatest value from memory-centric architectures. The panel will be comprised of industry and academic experts.


Problem Statement: Global Challenges


Presentation: Addressing World Hunger: Mapping the Wheat Genome 

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Start date - End date05.30.2018
LocationEuropean HPC Summit Week 2018Faculty of Law,
University of Ljubljana
Last registration date05.30.2018 12:00 AM (GMT+1)

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