Webinar series ‘Data Sovereignty guidelines for SAP in Manufacturing’


Webinar series ‘Data Sovereignty Guidelines for SAP in Manufacturing’

Dates: October 1, October 15 and October 29, 2020
Time: 11.00 – 12.30 hrs CET
Webinar tooling: Go-to-Webinar

“Effectively sharing information in the supply chain is critical in order to stay ahead in manufacturing, trade and logistics” – Aad Veenman, Topsector Logistiek Nederland

The digital economy is evolving at an astounding pace. Since the last century, new, disruptive technologies have profoundly changed the business landscape. Innovations like the Internet of Things, Cloud and Big Data are rapidly expanding the possibilities of organizations today. And at the foundation of these new technologies lies a single force: data.

In the data-driven economy of the 21st century, companies trust on their data to flow freely from the edge to the cloud. Manufacturing companies need to unlock the value of data exactly when and where they need it. But this new vision also holds challenges. Organizations today struggle with the barriers of complexity and the inability to leverage value trapped inside their data. 

For Dutch discrete manufacturing companies that use SAP or equivalent ERP+ / SCM standardized systems we invite business and IT managers to join our series of three webinars to talk about new insights and practical next steps to embrace European Union drive on “data sovereignty” guidelines to handle current economic downfall in Covid-19 situation by Supply Chain optimization thru organizing trust in value chains. The EU vision to realize “data driven economy” is your opportunity as manufacturing company if you understand how this related to sharing data between companies, as the Topsector Logistiek already foresees and is recognized by SAP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise in the Netherlands

From our complementary field of expertise and proven experience we are aligned as Innovadis, Expertum, UCgroup and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to share our points of view and create a common ground to define the product strategy, innovate and adapt business processes and collaborate in Supply Chains making use of latest set of agreements like iSHARE.

iSHARE   is an initiative of Topsector Logistiek to promote data sharing in the logistics sector. It is an agreements system or a set of agreements in which a number of parties provide access to each other using a unified way of identification, authentication and authorization. Using these agreements, parties are able to share data without having to make new and specific agreements each time data sharing is required.

About the seminar series 

We have structured our three bi-weekly webinars in October in a logical sequence starting holistically and with a concrete digital transformation roadmap enabling your company to truly capture e-commerce opportunity based on solid product-design and information.

In the second webinar we take these insights to your SAP system and enhance or innovate the business processes using new SAP S/4HANA functionality.

The foundation of all of this is intelligent data sharing in which iSHARE is leading. Therefor we summarize the iSHARE concept in the two events and in our last webinar iSHARE is explained in more detail.

All of our webinars end with practical next steps and a to the point summary you can take with you to your company to get more traction and get started.

Our webinars are held on 1st, 15th  and 29th of October using Go-to-Webinar tooling. Your registration is for the series of the webinars. Should you not be able to attend, the webinars will be recorded for your convenience.  

Our agenda for the sessions:

11:00 hrs - opening and setting the scene
11:10 hrs - start presentations ( Innovadis Oct 1st, Expertum Oct 15th, UCgroup Oct 29th )
12:15 hrs - wrap-up and Q&A
12:30 hrs - close

If you have any questions regarding these webinars please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We look forward to meeting you online in October.

Kind regards,
Innovadis, Expertum, UCgroup and Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

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