HPE Webinar 'Enabling SAP innovation in a European data sovereignty framework'. Introduction by Innopay.


HPE Webinar 'Enabling SAP innovation in a European data sovereignty framework'. Introduction by Innopay. 

Date: June 10th, 2020
Webinar. 13:00 – 14:00 hrs

On February 19th, the European Commission released its Communication ‘European strategy for data’, which outlines a strategy for policy measures and investments to enable the data economy for the coming five years. This data strategy is presented at the same time as the Commission’s Communication on “Shaping Europe’s digital future” and a White Paper on artificial intelligence.
This European Data Strategy is aimed at making Europe a leader in a data-driven society. Creating a single market for data will allow it to flow freely within the European Union (EU) and across sectors for the benefit of business, research and public administration. Significantly, the strategy is built on a new approach to handling data. Under the new strategy, companies and citizens will have not only legal but also functional control of their data and will be able to re-use their data elsewhere easily. This concept is also referred to as ‘data sovereignty’.

Legal jurisdiction is an important aspect in the concept of data sovereignty besides more common used criteria like costs, flexibility, innovation, connectivity like latency and IT management. This aspect of data sovereignty is becoming more of a challenge for organisations as they move to the cloud as a result of innovation or preferred upgrades to newer versions of their business systems like SAP. How can organisations address their need for SAP innovation and respect the data sovereignty regulation at the same time?

Consumption-based IT for SAP

As SAP partner for 30+ years and driven by market forces of today HPE offers consumption models, also known as E-a-a-S or HPE Greenlake, enabling SAP customers to drive their digital transformation towards the Intelligent Enterprise. Companies across all verticals – from manufacturing to retail to healthcare – leverage HPE GreenLake to gain flexibility, increase control and lower their TCO. We meter your usage – whether it’s gigabytes of storage, compute hours or VMs – and you pay only for what you consume. Experience the same cloud-like benefits of fast deployment, scalability and pay-per-use economics – all within the control of your own on-premises environment – with HPE GreenLake consumption-based IT for SAP.

About this webinar

HPE organises this afternoon webinar where we share our latest insights with you as an SAP customer or service partner CIO, CDO to understand this data sovereignty theme in more detail and how HPE Greenlake for SAP can address this into for your benefit.

The program is as follows:

Session 1:
Data sovereignty in an EU perspective. By Douwe Lycklama Founder of Innopay.

Session 2:
HPE’s SAP Greenlake hybrid cloud. By Marcel Leijten, program lead, HPE the Netherlands.

You will receive your webinar details a few days before the event takes place. We look forward to welcoming you online at June 10th.

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