Virtualization & Modern Datacenter Technology Update webinars

Virtualization & Modern Datacenter Technology Update webinars -
HPE & VMware solutions for customers and community partners
Dates: April 28th; May 12th; May 26th; June 9th 2020
Time schedule: 11.00 - 12.00 hrs

For many years, HPE and VMware have been working together to deliver game-changing results to our shared customers and partners. Today, we are collaborating to revolutionize virtualization economics and create new efficiencies for our clients with the industry’s most complete portfolio of tightly integrated and jointly engineered systems.
To inform you of our recent announcements about virtualization and modern datacenter, we ask you to join in on our webinars. The webinars are of interest for IT managers, technical DMU, architects or systems administrators at our customers and community partners. 
Both HPE and VMware experts will guide you through an overall update and new features of vSphere 7, designed to simplify advanced management of your infrastructure in taking your next steps towards a truly, Software-Defined Data Center. Select your preferred webinars below, all scheduled on a Tuesday morning from 11 – 12 AM ECT.
Scheduled webinars:
April 28th: What’s new with HPE & VMware?  Preview 
o Why Software-Defined 
o Updates on integration HPE and vSAN/vSphere 7 en VCF 4.0
o HPE platform and SDDC
May 12th : VMware & HPE: Hyper-Converged, what is it all about? Preview 
o Simplifying datacenter by using Hyper-Converged 
o What can VMware vSAN mean for you
May 26th : VMware & HPE: Modern IT Operations. Preview 
o Moderne IT Operations based on VMware vRealize & HPE InfoSight
June 9th : VMware & HPE: A new approach to network & security. Preview 
o Modern security using VMware NSX and AppDefense.
o Bringing it all together: Hybrid Cloud One
The webinars are free of charge. In case you want to read and learn about our combined innovative technologies upfront, we invite you have a look at our website. 
Final agenda and webinar link will be shared one week before start date. We are looking forward to meeting you online!
Hewlett Packard Enterprise & VMware
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Startdatum - Einddatum28.04.2020 - 09.06.2020
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