Building a Multicloud solution, June 18 2019 - a business briefing by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Business Briefing by Hewlett Packard Enterprise 
Building a Multicloud solution - June 18, 2019
Multi Cloud Business Briefing for (managed) service providers and System integrators by Hewlett Packard Enterprise 
June 18, 2019 - HPE Head Office Amstelveen
Lunch at 12.30 hrs, presentations from 13.00 - 17.00 hrs

There is an opportunity for all HPE partners in the market to offer customers Multicloud solutions: the combination of public- and private cloud environment in an integrated solution. This is possible with both CAPEX and OPEX models. HPE offers several SaaS solutions and works in close cooperation with service providers. This Business Briefing has been developed with decision makers of all our certified partners who wish to improve their cloud strategy. 
What is needed for a Multicloud Solution?
HPE OneSphere helps customers manage services and workloads across Multicloud environments from a single point for Azure, AWS and Private Clouds. OneSphere enables (managed) service providers to:
  • Build and manage clouds with familiar automation tools;
  • Optimize workload deployment: control over utilization across on-prem and public clouds
  • Get real-time insights and provide governance and compliance guidelines
Content Business Briefing  
The objective of the Business Briefing is to give partners sufficient insights to improve their multi-cloud proposition. The briefing covers the most important issues of the decision making process of the partner.
Content & Agenda HPE Multicloud Business Briefing:
  1. Market Opportunity: How to build a Multicloud platform? - Basic elements of a Multi Cloud. Overview of needs in several segments of the market. What is de compelling event for Multicloud?  
  2. Functionality HPE OneSphere - The essentials of HPE OneSphere. Key Learnings how to manage Multicloud. Effective use cases and adoption scenarios. 
  3. Adoption Multicloud - Several examples of setting up a Multicloud environment. Use of consumption models to optimize costs. Starting up instantly and work together in an effective eco system with other providers. 
RESULT: After the workshop of half a day you will be able to make the decisions how to offer a Multicloud solution and convince your customers
We look forward to welcoming you!
Kind regards,
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
This workshop is a co-operation between Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Frontline Business.



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